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Welcome to Davao Social Media.

We are a dynamic team that is ready to help you in all of your social media needs. Be it for personal or gratification or professional marketing, we will help you reach your optimum online presence in no time.

What Do We Do?
We pave the way for your social media presence.
We aim for interaction, interest and curiosity from your followers.
What we bring to the plate are informative yet engaging social media posts that warrants attention from your target clients.

Despite the marketing, we are not all words.
We create enticing graphics and images that will surely have you wanting for more.
We come up with videos that foretell of your story – of what you want your followers to know.

We will make your ideas come to life.
We will be your online helpers.
We are your online helpers.

How Do We Do It?
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What is Social Media?

Social Media is the inevitable future of communication. It is, in all of its sense, endless. With a multitude of internet-centred tools and platforms, it crosses, over and beyond, the distance between you and your next client. As such, it boosts and upgrades the distribution of information needed to complete the cycle of communication.

This technological advancement in media enhances the fluidity of data transmission like text (short messages), photos, audios, videos and information amongst internet users. With the upsurge of Social Media in Davao and the world over, it is then deemed to be a powerful tool that transcends beyond personal gratification. A tool that every business, whether small, medium or multi-million, needs to further establish an authoritative online presence.



Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and LinkedIn have generated online communities where individuals are free to share any kind of information that has since formed part of how we communicate – be it on a personal or professional level.

The result is a gargantuan number of informative and relevant data that can be easily searched, shared and promoted.

Grows Your Social Media Presence

We will customise strategies to help you study, learn and grow your social media presence in no time.

Expand Your Business

We will promote your brand and business to people that matters. We aim to create rapport and establish relationships across the distance.

Betters Your Customers Insights

We will help you gain and track instant feedback from your audience.

What Davao Social Media can offer?

The best way to study your target audience

man pressing a touchscreen like button
For any business industry, the key to be successful is learning more about your target audience. Social media can make this possible, and is easier to accomplish than ever. With tools like Facebook Insight in Hootsuite, you can learn more about your audience’s preferences, as well as their age and gender.

Helps you target audience more efficiently

Geo-targeting is one effective way to send your message to a certain group of people based on where they are right now. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter possess tools that permit you to communicate the right kind of content to your audience.

A great help in finding new clients and audience

Social networks such as Twitter permit small business to determine the current locations of customers or look for potential clients. Locate your customers using your business’ forte and results will flood in. Right then and there, you can pinpoint new audiences for your business.

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